Keywords : Bronchial asthma

Risk factors of bronchial asthma among adults in Basrah

Abdulhussian O. Mossa Ahmed A. Sherhan

The Medical Journal of Basrah University, 2018, Volume 36, Issue 1, Pages 16-21
DOI: 10.33762/mjbu.2018.145027

Objective: To study the risk factors aggravating bronchial asthmatic attacks among adult patients in Basrah
Methods: Ninety six asthmatic patients, their ages ranged from 15 to 47 with a mean ages 29.66±7.37 years and a mean weight of 70.15 ± 12.74, were studied prospectively from January 2015to April 2016 from two consultation clinics. It was a paper questionnaire based study, the questions and answers were completed by the patients and sometimes with help of close relative, if necessary. Because of the increasing number of aggravating factors in modern life and the pollutions of community, the patients were classified into three groups according to number of triggering factors.
Results: Atopic individual was more liable to multiple allergens in comparison to non-atopic individual with 95% CI (.051-0.424) and a value (0.010). The commonest risk factors that had been found aggravating attacks of bronchial asthma in the presence of history of atopy was upper respiratory tract infection with 95% CI ( 0.099-0.441), humidity(95%CI of 0.054-0.414), seasonal allergy (95%CI of 0.008-0.474), spicy food intake with 95% CI of 0.256-0.277, perfumes (odorous) with 95% CI 0f (0.197-0.568), Low corticosteroid medications with 95% CI OF (0.069-0.433) and dusty environments with 95% CI of (0.133-0.490). Asthma was more common at younger age group and older age group constitutes only 11.4%.
Conclusion: In allergic individuals in Basrah, respiratory tract infection, humidity, seasonal changes, indoor perfumes, spicy food diet, low dose of cortico steroid, dusty environments, all are common association with asthma symptoms in atopic individual.