Keywords : Missan Governorate

Role of the private health sector in detection of cases of tuberculosis in Missan Governorate

Yaseen Obaid Yaseen

The Medical Journal of Basrah University, 2016, Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 35-41
DOI: 10.33762/mjbu.2016.111186

Background: As tuberculosis (TB) is still endemic disease in Iraq, efforts in detection, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention are of utmost importance to decrease the prevalence and negative impacts of this disease on people. In this study we aim to find out the extent of contribution of the private health sector in, Missan governorate to the detection of cases of tuberculosis and referring them to the Chest and Respiratory Disease Clinic in Missan for further management. Collaboration between the private and public health sectors is crucial for early detection, treatment, and cure of tuberculosis and consequently decrease in its prevalence and transmission to other people.
Patients and methods: Records of patients managed by the Chest and Respiratory Disease Clinic in Missan, for the period between 2012-2014 were reviewed. The above mentioned clinic deals with all cases any different types of tuberculosis. All cases, and of different types of tuberculosis, were enrolled in the study. Particular concern to the source of referral of these cases was considered. Other parameters such as, type of tuberculosis, whether it is newly or previously diagnosed, and the results of the sputum test for acid-fast bacilli. (AFB) were considered.
Results: 752 patients with tuberculosis were diagnosed and managed by the Chest and Respiratory Disease Clinic in Missan for the period between 2012-2014, considerable number of these patients (44.4%) was detected and referred to the TB Center by the physicians in the private health sector. Private health sector had more contribution to detection of extrapulmonary tuberculosis than the public health centers.
Conclusion: The private health sector in Missan governorate has an important role in detection of cases, mostly newly diagnosed cases, of tuberculosis. So collaboration between governmental health faculties and private health sector is essential for effective detection and management of cases of tuberculosis to decrease its prevalence and negative impacts on the public health.