Keywords : Miscarriage

Thromboprophylaxis in women with unexplained consecutive recurrent ‎miscarriages

Maysoon Sharief; Teshreen Sabri Ali

The Medical Journal of Basrah University, 2014, Volume 32, Issue 1, Pages 37-42
DOI: 10.33762/mjbu.2014.94511

Objective: To compare the effect of low dose aspirin and enoxaparin on pregnancy in women with recurrent ‎miscarriage.‎
Patients& Methods: Randomized controlled trail, conducted in Basrah Maternity and Child Hospital during the period ‎from January 2012 till April 2013. Participants were 221 pregnant women aged 18-41 years with history of at least 2 ‎previous miscarriage without apparent causes. They were divided into 2 groups; the first group included 111 were given ‎enoxaparin and the second group involved 108 which were given aspirin.‎
Results: In both groups (75%) of patients had negative serological test for thrombophilia. Enoxaparin group had higher ‎significant incidence of term delivery (86%) with less incidence of preterm delivery (4.5%) and less early pregnancy ‎loss (8%).‎
No significant differences in obstetrical complication but higher incidence of abdominal delivery in both groups.‎
Higher incidence of postpartum hemorrhage in the enoxaparin group in comparison with aspirin group and no significant ‎systemic adverse effect of enoxaparin were noticed on the first group.‎
Conclusion: Since postpartum hemorrhage is treatable, low molecular weight heparin is safe and effective for treating, ‎preventing thrombosis and achieving successful pregnancy.‎