Author : Ali Mansour, Abbas


Abbas Ali Mansour

The Medical Journal of Basrah University, Volume 23, Issue 1, Pages 38-41
DOI: 10.33762/mjbu.2005.47319

ABSTRACT Metabolic syndrome increases the risk for coronary heart disease and stroke by three folds with marked increase in cardiovascular mortality. The aim of this work is to study metabolic syndrome in adult’s persons in Basrah in single center. A cross sectional hospital based study of adults persons including persons seen in the in-patient and out-patient clinic of the Al-Faiha General hospital over a period from January to August 2004, who agree to participate. The presence of 3 metabolic abnormalities is enough to establish the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome. The metabolic abnormalities were abdominal obesity, high serum triglycerides, low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, hypertension, and high fasting plasma glucose. Total number of persons was 500, of them 152 women and 348 men. Age range 20-88 year, with mean age of 49.9± 11.3 year. Metabolic syndrome was seen in 332 persons (66.4%), 214 of males (61.4%), and 118 females (77.6%). There was a clear increase in the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome with increasing age up to the age of 79 year. In conclusion: This study reported high figure of metabolic syndrome. Adoption of Westeraern life in our society with overweight, physical inactivity, sedentary behavior, and unhealthy dietary habits may be the cause.