Author : S. Al-Sakkal, Ghada


Ghada S. Al-Sakkal; Emil N. Azzo; Khalida M. Ameen

The Medical Journal of Basrah University, Volume 26, Issue 1, Pages 24-27
DOI: 10.33762/mjbu.2008.48347

The objective of our study is evaluation of therapeutic laparoscopy in the treatment of ectopic pregnancy. This is a
prospective study carried out for the period from October 2000 till June 2004, in the department of obstetric and
Gynaecology in Azadi General Hospital in Kirkuk city, north of Iraq. Surgical Laparoscopic approach was performed
for 40 women with the provisional diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. The duration of the operation ranged between 20-
70 minutes. Salpingostomy was carried out for 22 patients (55%), 7 patients (17.5%) had salpingectomy, one patient
(2.5%) had fimbrial expression, 3 patients (7.5%) had wedge resection of ovarian ectopic, one patient (2.5%) had
segmental resection, two patients (5%) had complete tubal abortion with no active bleeding, and 4 patients (10%)
were converted to laparotomy. Most of the involved patients had no major intraoperative or postoperative
complications with shorter hospital stay. Subsequent intrauterine pregnancy rate was 80%. No recurrent ectopic was
elected in this series. In conclusion, inspite of the limited number of patients, the obtained results proved the
usefulness of operative laparoscopy in the treatment of ectopic pregnancy with maximum safety and efficiency. The
follow up of patients showed improvement in future fertility. More work is needed to confirm our results.