Author : A Dhaher, Samer

Risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome in psoriatic patients: case - control study

Zaineb Aljasim; Samer A Dhaher

The Medical Journal of Basrah University, Volume 33, Issue 2, Pages 100-106
DOI: 10.33762/mjbu.2015.108447

Background: Psoriasis has an increased likelihood of comorbidities compared with healthy controls such as cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome.
Objectives: To investigate the risk factors that increases the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome in Iraqi patients with psoriasis.
Patients & methods: a case- control prospective study enrolled 80 patients with psoriasis and 80 normal individuals as a control group. Psoriasis severity was assessed using PASI(psoriasis area severity index) score, in both groups, blood pressure, BMI(body mass index) & waist circumference were measured, laboratory tests including fasting blood sugar & lipid profile were done. For comparison between the 2 groups, Fisher s exact test were performed.
Results: In psoriatic group, calculation of (BMI), showed that 19 (23.8%) were obese, 34 (42.5%) over weight, 27 (38.8%) normal weight. Thirty four patients (42.5%) had an elevated blood pressure, both were significantly correlated with the severity of psoriasis.44 (55%) have abnormal lipid profile, 17 (21.3%) elevated cholesterol, 17(21.3%) had raised LDL & 32 (40%) had low HDL. These were correlated with the severity of psoriasis. Eight (10%) patients had elevated VLDL & 13 (16.3 %) had elevated TG. Twelve (15%) patients had elevated FBS.33 (41.25%) patients were having Metabolic syndrome and the risk was increased with the duration of psoriasis. Comparing with the control group, psoriatic patients were at risk of developing hyperglycemia & hyperlipidemia with statistically significant elevation of fasting blood sugar, cholesterol, LDL, & reduced HDL.
Conclusions: Compared with the control group, psoriatic patients in our population had an atherogenic lipid profile with increased prevalence of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases & metabolic syndrome & this was directly correlated with the severity and duration of the disease.